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Disclosure Regarding Third-Party Contributors on Intuit® News Central

On October 5, 2009, the FTC announced that starting December 1, 2009 it will enforce new rules regarding the disclosure of any transaction of free goods, free services, or money between bloggers and companies. These new rules are aimed at protecting consumers, like you, from knowing whether you’re receiving an independent recommendation or insight from someone who might have a different experience from yourself.

We have third party bloggers contribute on the Intuit® News Central blog because we believe it provides richer content and more diverse opinions. Many of our third party contributors are able to provide content with a different view than Intuit has, which will lead to more comprehensive coverage of industry news and trends.   In some cases, we will provide these contributors free goods, services, and compensation for the time and energy they have spent.

We encourage our third party bloggers to openly voice their opinions and we also ask that there’s full disclosure on all online channels regarding any relationship with Intuit News Central and Intuit.

Also, we’ll keep an updated list below of all non-Intuit employees who contribute to the site and might receive free goods, services, or monetary compensation.

Third-Party Contributors to the Intuit Accountants News Central:

Frank Abagnale

David Aucoin, CPA

Bruce Andersen, CPA – BTA Consulting & Training

Dawn Ashpole – EBS Associates, Inc.

Joshua Azran – Azran Financial APC

Janice Barsalou – JRB Bookkeeping Service

Lee Beall, CPA – Rea & Associates, Inc.

Val Bisharat

Cheryl Blazej - Blazej Accounting

Jason Blumer, CPA – Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC

Gregg Bossen, CPA – QuickBooks Made Easy

Bryan Bostrom – Squire

Susan Bradley

Dawn Brolin – Professional Accounting Solutions, LLC

Alana Bryant – SB Consulting LLC

Greg Buck – KEY Accounting

Jonyce Bullock – Squire

Irene Bushnell - Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C.

Jim Buttonow – Beyond415

Lynda Byrne – Method:CRM

Victoria Cameron

Edward Castano – Bluevine

Robert Chandler – Cloud9 Real Time

Shayna Chapman – Chapman & Burris, CPAs LLC

Erin Cheever – Boomer

J. Carlton Collins – ASA Research 

Kyle Collins – PKF Texas

Tom Cosgrove – Sleeter

Peter Cullen – Core Performance Consulting

Bryan Cytron

Scott H. Cytron, ABC - Cytron and Company

Dorinda DeSherer

John Digrado, CPA

Michael Di Lauro, CMA

Danetha Doe – Danetha Doe Consulting

Ray Dragon – Rotenberg Meril Solomon

Hugh Duffy – Build Your Firm

Raissa Evans – PKF Texas

Gita Faust – Fast Trac Consulting

Bryce Forney – Forney Accountancy

Steven Gan - Stellar Risk Management Services, Inc.

Hector Garcia

Mark Ginsberg – Odyssey One Source

Annabella Green – PKF Texas

Jaysson Gurwell – Gurwell Tax & Consulting LLC

Andy Gutierrez - Accountechs

Kevin Harris, CPA – QuickSolvers

Pat Harley – Accounting on the Go

Jan Haugo-Vuicich – Jan Haugo & Associates

Byron Hebert – PKF Texas

Mario Hernandez

Kimberly Hogan – Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Lizzy Holmgren – Agility

Dustin Hotstetler – Rea & Associates, Inc.

W. Michael Hsu – DeepSky Accounting

Eric Hunt – Boomer

Ed Jacobson

Esther Friedberg Karp – e-Compubooks

Jennifer Katrulya – Business Management Resource Group

Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP – InfoTech Partners North America, Inc.

Stacy Kildal – Kildal Services

Donna Kozarovich

Diane Krause – Krause Accounting

Brittany Lanphier – Lanphier Accounting LLP

Darrell Layman – Darrell Layman, CPA

Frank Landreneau – PKF Texas

Kevin Lane – Lane Family Financial

James Larson – Alexander, Alverez & Co.

Jason Lawhorn – Lawhorn CPA Group

Sandi Smith Levya – Sandi Smith

Becky Livingston – Penheel Marketing

Michelle Long, CPA – Long For Success, LLC

Karen Love – PKF Texas

Juan Macias – Fourlane

Diana Mackie – Funding Gates

Barry MacQuarrie, CPA.CITP – SocialCPAs

Laura Madeira – ACS Inc.

Eric Majchrzak – BeachFleischman

Ali Maloy – Maloy Accounting

Josh Malin – EZtexting

Joanie Mann

Victoria Marechal – Marshall Associates

Karen Mattull – BeachFleischman

Marty McCutcheon, CPA.CITP – CPA Service Group

Jim McGinnis – Intuit

Reesa McKenzie – AbilityBooks

Kathy McQuiggan – Beach Cities Accounting

Jason Meredith – Mid-South CFO

Monica Muir – Muir Associates

Bonnie Nagayama – McWilliams & Associates, Inc.

Lori Niederlehner – BeachFleischman

Mario Nowogrodzki – Mendelson Consulting

Alan Olsen – Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP, CPAs

Laurie O’Neil – IFS Innovative Financial Services

Edi Osborne – Mentor Plus

Brett Owens – Chrometa

Jody Padar, CPA – New Vision CPA Group

Barry Pennett – Intuit

Ruth Perryman, MBA, CMA, CFE – The QB Specialists

Pat Porter – Rea & Associates, Inc.

Andrew Poulos, EA – Poulos Accounting

Matt Powalski – PKF Texas

MB Raimondi, CPA


Shane Ratigan – Avalara

Mark Richardson

Matt Rissell – TSheets

Laura Redmond – Redmond Accounting

Rachel Riebling, CPA – Franz Michael Walter CPA

Shelly Robbins – The QuickSource

Jennifer Roop

Darren Root, CPA.CITP – Rootworks

Stuart Rosenfield

Charlie Russell – The Sleeter Group

Heather Satterley – Orefice & Caliri, CPAs

Caren Schwartz – Time & Cents Consultants, LLC

Bill Sheridan – Maryland Association of CPAs

Leslie Shiner – The Shiner Group

Karen Siewert

Adrian Simmons - David G. Simmons, CPA

Kevin Simpson - CPA Web

Megan Sonicksen – NATP

Doug Sleeter – The Sleeter Group

Sherrill Sleeter – The Sleeter Group

Ken Stafford – Stafford Advisors

Harry Strausser III – Remit Corporation

Brian Stovall – Brico Group

Marilyn Sudbeck - Nimbus Consulting

Brian Swanson – Flashpoint Marketing

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP - Tankersley & Associates

Bill Teague

Arleen Thomas – AICPA

Dave Venard – Bayview Services

Eva Velasquez – Identity Theft Resource Center

Sharon Vetsch – The QuickBooks Queen

Gary Voth - PKF Texas

Sandra Wiley – Boomer

Lance Wilkins

Joe Woodard – Woodard Consulting

Elizabeth Woodcock

David Worrell – Rock Solid Finance

Kathy Yakal

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