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Stacy Kildal Reviews QuickBooks® Mobile

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April 20th 2012 by Stacy Kildal

I recently had to write an article about valuable mobile work tools and was looking at a list of the mobile apps that Intuit® had to offer… and I rediscovered QuickBooks® Mobile. I wanted to find out if the app works for both desktop editions – Pro, Premier and Enterprise – and QuickBooks Online.

So I tested it with a test Premier file; it worked beautifully. I was able to add customers, create invoices, add sales receipts and even enter estimates, with all of it syncing wonderfully with the file back on my computer. As part of the QuickBooks Plus subscription plan, which also includes a desktop edition and online backup, QuickBooks Mobile is an efficient, affordable option when it’s necessary to enter estimate and or sales information while away from the office. Perfect for consultants (like me!) or field employees.

Once I saw how nicely it worked, I decided to try it with QuickBooks Online, just to see if, and how, it worked. I started the app on my phone, logged in using my QBO username and password, and was able to see all of my QBO accounts and my clients’ accounts. NICE! I couldn’t wait to test it in the field.

I teach continuing education QuickBooks courses through the local school district; attendees pay the school the class fee, but they pay me directly the first night for the book fee. My old procedure: take the payment (either cash, check or credit card with GoPayment), then go back to my office and enter the sales receipts and email them to the students. This time, however, I was able to use QB Mobile. I entered the customer names and email addresses, created the first Sales Receipt, and then emailed it. The coolest part? It doesn’t just send it – the program actually opens up the email app where you can edit the subject, body and anything else. You can also add a cc or bcc if you would like to send a copy to yourself. The sales receipt is attached as a PDF.

Now for the COOL part. I had six people in this class, and rather than having to create a new sales receipt for each one, I was able to COPY that sales receipt and just change the customer! For the GoPayment clients, I chose Credit Card as my payment type. In QBO, it shows up as such when I log into QB. I just match up my GoPayment transactions with the transaction in QBO to reconcile these.

The applications of QuickBooks Mobile are so vast – I’ve suggested it to my dermatologist client for patients requesting aesthetic procedures, which are required to be paid for at the time of service. Now, the aesthetician can take payment and send a receipt before the patient walks out the door. I’ve also recommended it to my Cartridge World clients. Currently, they send receipts for payments they accept at the time of every delivery. My dairy and beverage distributors can take orders and payments when they deliver product. As a QuickBooks consultant, I can now create a sales receipt and take payment before I leave the client’s office. No more having to go back to my office, create the transaction and send to the client.

If you’re using QuickBooks desktop for your accounting/consulting practice, or have clients that would benefit from this “always on” access to customer information on their iPhone or Android, I highly recommend QuickBooks Mobile and QuickBooks Plus!

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