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Intuit® Profile: Jeff Harrell Serves His Community

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June 7th 2012 by Intuit Staff

Meet Jeff Harrell, a marketing manager for Intuit® who works with Lacerte® & ProSeries® Tax products. Jeff recently took a mission trip to Uganda; here, he explains what motivates him to serve his community.

Intuit News Central: Tell our readers a bit more about what you do for Intuit.

Jeff Harrell: As part of the Peer Influence Marketing group for the Accounting Professionals Division, I work with customers to tell the stories about how they use Intuit’s products to save them time. This could be through a case study, a video, an article in our monthly newsletter or even a story like this on our blog. I’ve had the opportunity to visit customers in places such as Newport News, Va.; Estherville, Iowa; College Station, Texas; and San Jose, Calif.

Intuit News Central: What do you enjoy about working with your customers and accounting professionals?

Jeff Harrell: Each firm has a great story to tell about how they have become trusted advisors to their clients, and it is fun to think that our products play a role in that. I enjoy working with customers to help bring those stories to life and give our customers a little bit of attention that they so richly deserve.

Intuit News Central: Tell us about your mission trip. What motivated you to do this kind of community service?

Jeff Harrell: I have four kids of my own, and have felt compelled to use my experience as a parent in other parts of the world. I get the opportunity to work with kids at Casa Hogar Elim, an orphanage in Mexico and visit them 10 to 12 times a year. These are wonderful kids who have been abandoned for one reason or another by their earthly parents; I get, in some small way, to fill that role, which is an incredible honor. Most kids just want to know that someone cares about them, so just showing up consistently goes a long way.

This past February, I got an opportunity to travel to Uganda with Preston Trail Community Church to work with a few different ministries on the ground in Uganda that also focus on helping children that have been dealt a difficult blow. Sixty Feet and Food Step are two wonderful organizations that work with children who have been unfairly imprisoned, many of whom are imprisoned because they were abandoned or abused by their family. My wife and I got to go alongside these ministries into the prison, play with the kids and show them that someone cares. What is interesting is that deep down, kids are kids and just want to play and have fun.

We also visited Serving His Children, which was founded by a young American named Renee Bach, who, after visiting Uganda after high school, decided that instead of going to medical school, would create a Malnutrition Rehabilitation Program in Uganda that serves the poorest of villages. We got to spend a day with Renee, her staff and the kids who are currently being cared for in her program. It is really inspiring to see someone as young as Renee give up the chance to go to medical school and move to Uganda to help children have a chance at life.

Intuit News Central: How do you transfer your mission trip skills to what you do for Intuit?

Jeff Harrell: Everyone has a story and I think having the ability to hear, understand and communicate that story in a meaningful way connects my mission work with what I do for Intuit. At the core, our customers are helping clients with their tax issues, which can be a source of stress for a family. We are helping our customers save time so that they can have a bigger impact.

Intuit News Central: What’s your favorite thing about Intuit?

Jeff Harrell: “We Care and Give Back” is one of Intuit’s core values, and I can honestly say that it is not just something on a piece of paper, but something that people here take seriously. I am just one of many who are giving back throughout the organization. Of course, a company is simply a collection of people; I love the fact that the people at Intuit care and give back in ways that are important to them.

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